65km – Standley Chasm to Telegraph Station along the Iconic Larapinta Trail taking the alternate high route on Section 3 between Standley Chasm and Jay Creek


The 65km Standley Monster trail ultra marathon is through some of the most spectacular and runnable sections of the Larapinta Trail. Starting and finishing on Sunday from Standley Chasm. The route starts off steep and rugged for the first 13km and then flattens out with almost non-stop views of the West MacDonnell Ranges. Euro Ridge, 13kms from the finish line provides a final ‘sting in the tail’ with spectacular views as far as the eye can see to the the East, North and West.

Do not be fooled….this course is technical and demands respect! Very technical climbs and descents are interspersed with outstanding runnable flat hardpacked single track. You will start with your head torch and be approaching Gastrolobium Saddle at day break. From here you make your way through an ancient creek bed with dry waterfalls you’ll have to scramble down, large boulders, gum trees and more rocks will make up the rest of the journey to Millers Flat. Ascend to the high route and then blast away towards Alice Springs and the finish line.

ITRA Points – 3

Mountain Points – 3


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Proudly supported by Ekistica, this local Professional Advisory and Technical Consultancy firm work nationally and internationally on challenging technical and renewable energy projects. They connect people, place and technology and relate well to the remote challenges and the special connection to country that you as competitors will face during this event.



  • Hard Copy Course Maps and GPX Files
  • Spot Tracker
  • Race Bibs (front and Rear)
  • Aid Stations and supplies
  • Provision of professional on course Medical support
  • Event medals and trophies or equivalent
  • The trail running experience of a lifetime!


  • Transport to Race Start lines (WMM will provide an option at a small additional cost)
  • Park entry fees to see the actual Standley Chasm ($15)
  • Any meals before or after the event
  • Accommodation


65km Standley Monster

65km Standley Monster

A 65km Ultra Trail Marathon – what more could you want. Running on challenging, rocky, technical terrain interlaced with sensational sections of flowing undulating hard-packed single track.

An early road trip of approximately 50km out of Alice Springs to the Start line at the culturally significant Standley Chasm will be rewarded with the most amazing Welcome to Country experience. The peaceful surrounds of thousands of Eucalyptus, bird songs echo off the adjacent cliffs, light breeze on a cool morning – you will feel like you have been absorbed into a surreal world! 

Beyond the Standley Chasm start line you will go into an awe inspiring back canyon, with  rocky technical sections and views up and down rugged ancient valleys full of Ghost Gums, Cycads Palms, Mulga Trees and spinifex. You will reach Millers Flat where you need to turn left and climb the high route option. The climb up this hill will test your endurance, and is the first of only three significant climbs between you and the finish line. It is the most spectacular and technical of all the climbs. Don’t forget to take some priceless selfies on top of this ridge.

Off this ridge, down through fish hole waterhole aid station and continuing on to Mulga Camp – both well deserved check points. Restock your fluids and eat some food. This signifies the end of the

65km Finish Line

65km Finish Line

real hard stuff, with only two mild climbs in comparison to come. Easier running is your experience now through to Simpsons Gap checkpoint. From Simpsons Gap, 25km of fantastic running until the finish line. You may well encounter runners coming through, or indeed, you may pass runners from the 231km, 128km and 65km events between here and the finish line. The last few kilometers takes you over Euro ridge, regarded as the best view of Alice Springs from the Trail and then, finally, down into the historic Alice Springs Telegraph Station finish line – wow!


Photo opportunities – √ Challenge – √ Rugged Beauty – √ Amazing Vistas – √ Some beautiful easy running interlaced with some extremely demanding, technical ascents and descents. Gaiters are not required to protect your legs, but some people opt to wear them. You will require as a minimum – good quality trail running shoes (and maybe a spare pair in your drop bag), hats, sunscreen, your mandatory gear, plenty of fluid intake and ongoing nutrition.  Some navigation is required to confirm you are on the correct path at all times – and remember – follow the BLUE arrows at all times!

Don’t underestimate the challenge this Ultra Marathon offers competitors. To finish this will require guts, determination and stamina. But we know you can do it – the reward will last forever!


Elevation data as calculated by International Trail Runners Association (ITRA) https://itra.run/Races/RaceDetails/West.Macs.Monster.65km.Standley.Monster/2023/78684

Elevation gain 1,630m

Elevation Loss 1,820m


65km Standley Monster Event Profile







65km Monster Course Map







65km Standley Monster GPX (Download file then unzip the file before trying to open it on your device)

KML Download


65km Compulsory Briefing: Saturday 18th May 2024, 5pm venue, Alice Springs Desert Park

65km Start: Sunday May 19th 2024, 6:30am from Standley Chasm Car Park – (transport available by event at a small additional cost)

65km Cut-off: Sunday May 19th 2024, 9pm


Registrations Open: October 1st, 2023

Earlybird registrations close: Midnight October 31st, 2023

Online Registrations for personalised bib close: April 21st , 2024

Registrations still available online up until 5pm Friday 10th May 2024 providing pre-qualifications are met. Some conditions apply.


Individual 65km Ultra marathon


Buddy Runners are not permitted for the 65km Standley Monster Event


Simpsons Gap Check point – 40km – 9.5 hours (4pm Sunday) 14:14/km avg pace

Alice Springs Telegraph Station Finish Line – 65km – 14.5 hours (9pm Sunday) 13:23/km avg pace

More details in the Race Rules


Drop bags can be left at the time of registration for the Simpsons Gap aid station ~40km. Our preference is for the insulated zip top shopping bags for consistency. Check point labels will be available to be filled out at registration to attach to your bags for clear identification. We encourage you to identify your bags with your own coloured ribbon or similar to allow you to find them quickly at the aid station.

A collection service will be available at the start line to take warm clothing etc to the finish line only. This is not an opportunity to give us your drop bags – that ship has sailed…


**If this is a consecutive year of entering the same event, you are entitled to a 10% discount for each year after your first year, ie 2nd year 10%, 3rd year 20%, 4th year 30% etc. Email us if you would like to access this special offer.

Individual Early Bird (before midnight October 31st) – $390

Individual Normal Entry (Nov 1st – April 30th) – $490

Bus to the Start Line – $25 (optional during registration)


Due to the physically challenging nature of the event and associated risks the following entry criteria will apply for all 65km race entrants

Solo Runners:

  • Evidence of successfully completing a trail 21.1km (Half Marathon) race in an official event within the past 18 months of the event weekend predominantly on trail. You must upload a link to your race result into your Event Plus registration portal and it can be added after you have registered. This does not mean screen shots, Strava or Garmin files as examples.
  • Pre requisite run must be submitted by providing us with a link to your race results by midnight January 31st. You can enter after this date, you must upload your pre-qualifying race results link at the time of entry
  • Training runs will only be considered under exceptional circumstances and most likely not approved

Alice Spring Option for Pre-Qualifier:

  • Run the full 25km Simpsons Monster course (Not just Section One as it is known). That is starting at the waterhole at Simpsons Gap, running up the riverbed and turning left onto the Larapinta Trail where it crosses the river. Continuing right through to the Telegraph Station Lawns (past the trail head) until you reach the Mountain Bike river crossing brown steel bollard. The time to complete is under 4 hours and the run must be verified by another person. We suggest you run in pairs or small groups and submit your run via Strava Link or Garmin activity etc. The GPX file can be found on the 25km Simpsons Monster page if you are unsure.


  • Being at least 18 years of age at the date of the event starting


In  May, the average daytime temperature is 23 degrees with overnight lows around 7 degrees. There is approximately 11 hours of daylight and a low chance of rainfall. Generally, people find that due to the low humidity of the dry desert air, they need to drink more fluids than usual.