xOur Mission

West Macs Monster 2019

  • 4 different race length events
  • Go at your own pace
  • Groups welcome
  • Register online
  • Participate in a world class event
West Macs Monster


What we want

Our vision is to get information about the West Macs Monster to as many participants as possible 


What we Plan

Join us and race one of the 4 separate distance events. Go harder, go faster!


In 10 years time

We will look back and say, phew, look at where we started in 2019 and look at where we are now.

Run the Larapinta Trail

A unique event in a stunning setting
On top of Razorback Ridge 700 580

Larapinta Trail Running

Run amidst the stunning beauty of the Larapinta Trail enjoying stunning landscapes that very few have ever experienced.

Run the Larapinta Trail NT

Choose Your Distance


Experienced or NOVICE

Run as far as you are comfortable, or challenge yourself to the extreme, the choice is yours!

Trail Running in the desert

24-26 May 2019

Run 5 km, run 231 km, doesn’t matter, run the Larapinta Trail

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